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Municipal Planning Approvals (99% Approval Success Rate)

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KWRA has extensive experience in all municipal planning approvals and dealing with any required levels of government, as necessary, to obtain positive recommendations and/or regulatory approval. The goal with all government approvals is to obtain them on time, on budget and in the most efficient and stress-free manner as possible for our clients. Municipal planning approvals are generally broken down into the following five categories:

Development Agreements & Rezonings

Icon 01There are circumstances where our clients are not satisfied with the as-of-right capability of the zoning of their property. We advise the best approach for development agreement/rezoning application to achieve more density, greater flexibility in uses and/or highest and best use. KWRA prepares the planning application submission and manages the process for our clients from beginning to end until Council makes the final decision at a public hearing.

Plan Amendments

Icon 02There are situations where the zoning of a property does not allow our clients to obtain their desired highest and best use and rezoning/development agreement applications are not enabled by the municipality. The only alternative at this point is to undertake a plan amendment to change the local municipality’s Municipal Planning Strategy, which determines how growth, development and planning will occur. A Plan Amendment is typically the longest approval process in a municipality and the toughest. KWRA has never had a plan amendment application refused by Council.


Icon 04There are situations where our clients attempt to obtain a permit for an as-of-right situation and are refused by the Municipality. This often includes building an addition onto the home, adding a garage, additional income unit, attempting to increase residential/commercial setback and/or lot coverage requirements etc.

At this point our clients will retain KWRA to prepare and submit a variance application to Municipality. KWRA has never had a variance application not approved.

Subdivision and Consolidation of Land

Icon 03KWRA, with our engineering and survey partners, can prepare and manage a subdivision application process from beginning to end. Subdivision applications are as-of-right, meaning they do not require public comment and/or Council approval. If a developer/applicant meets the regulations, the application must be approved.

Development Permit

Icon 04We obtain development permits for our clients to build various buildings, structures and uses.